I like to check online spaces and services - here I will share all the test stuff I create to check something :)

  • MeteorStarting with Meteor. I have created some of the test app they have - modifying some texts.I used Meteor for windows for this palyaround. Here is the link:
  • Openshift: I have just deployed a chatbot[Program-O] at the following location and have some plan to make it more intelligent :
  • google appengine : For this app I used CodeIgniter as the backend script framework. I just uploaded the first page here. I am working on it and will share how I did it so that you can have your own site up and running on this Cloud solution from google. 
  • Dropbox as webhost and playing with rainyday,js: Wanted to create a too simple page for myself - liked rainyday.js and wanted to have too simple CI to it :) Now I update the files at my own computer at the dropbox folder - it automatically syncs the changes to the online dropbox app that the  utilizes. Kissr has updated their plans - therefore can't access there service anymore. My Site can now be accessible from the following location :