Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing with Node.js

I was watching a lot of noises speaking high about an incredible technology - a server framework : Node.js.
I was looking for a chance to play with it and this is what I was doing for the last two hours :
Installing Node.js on CentOS box :
1. You will need gc++ if you wanna compile from the source ; so if you don have it just do :
yum install gc-c++
2. You will need python; if you don have it already just do :
yum install python
3. Now download the Node.js source available as tarball from the website : Node.js.
4. Extract the tarball, cd within the directory and sequncially do the following :
make install
5. Hurrah, most possibly you are done ;) You wanna check ? just do :
node --version
possibly you are seeing the installed node version :)

On the next post I will try to create couple of example apps to play even more with Node.js.So, Stay tuned :P