Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twitter Bootstrapping resources

As I am kinda addicted with Twitter bootstrap. I have almost got a habit to bookmark all the resources that enriches Twitter Bootstrap. In this post I will continue putting the resource links I get useful.
  • The Twitter Bootstrap : The main Twitter Bootstrap project. They have released new version since I last posted my solution for Multilevel Dropdown menu for Twitter Bootstarp.
  • Free Gallery of Twitter Bootstrap code snippets: Its an amazing open platform to share code snippets utilizing Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Toggle buttons : Somebody posted some wonderful variations of toggle buttons here.
  • jQuery UI Bootstrap : This is basically implementation of jQuery UI to look like Twitter Bootstrap - a jQuery UI Theme. Therefore, its actually nothing to do Twitter Bootstrap but thought jQuery addicts (as I am :P) might want to give it a look.
  • Inline/In-place editing : This is an awesome plugin that utilizes Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI and jQuery to make in place editing cooler.
  • Win 8 Metro: This is an implementation of Win 8 Metro look using Twitter Bootstrap - good for creating nice looking dash boards..
  • Bootstrap for Asp.Net MVC3 application: I have created a Asp.Net MVC3 application template to get going with Asp.Net MVC3 and Twitter Bootstrap. There are other variations online. But I wanted to make the layouts as it comes with the Bootstrap and maintain the updates synced with the Bootstrap updates.
  • Bootstrap for Asp.Net MVC4: A beautiful article to configure Visual Studio 2010 to work with Twitter Bootstrap and Asp.Net MVC4.
  • Bootstrap hero: A big list of twitter bootstrap resources ranging from hacks and tips to frameworks and mockup creators.
  • Bootstrap Wizard: A wonderful Step-By-Step wizard tool utilizing Bootstrap.