On this page I am going to share all the projects I worked on and thought interesting and would like to share with you guys. 
  • A simple parser for logs from Siemens BSC:
Created a simple parser to get all the adjacent cells information for a site. The parser parses the log file and finds the adjacent cells and information and matches and joins them with a reference table to get more information.Finally, the output can also be saved as a csv file. The code can be downloaded from the following location- I have written it in C# utilizing DotNet framework 2.0. A test log file and a test reference table is also included:
          Download the code from
  • iGoogle like interface using CodeIgniter and jQuery:
Created an iGoogle like widget-full webtop interface. The design was taken from an article from Nettuts+ and I have integrated the Codeigniter with it. See my post on the following link:

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