Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Opensource applications with CodeIgniter

So far I have a crash for CodeIgnier and whenever I start developing for myself my first preference is always been CI :)
In this post I will be listing some of the Opensource projects built on top of CI :

Blogging tool :
Open blog:
Stblog: >
Simple blogging App:
Blog system App:
Blogging App:

Ionize Cms:
Egypt CMS:
Max CMS:
Getfuel Cms:
CodeFight Cms:
Pyro Cms:
Image CMS:
Manager CMS:
Photo gall CMS:
Fotochest gall CMS:

Forum App:
Dove Forum:

Social Networking
Social Network Framework:
Book Sharing social network:
Maran Cake Melody - Social Portal using Cakephp or CodeIgniter + Doctrine ORM :

Social ecommerce platform:

Classroom Bookings App:
Bamboo Invoice App:
MyClientBase Invoice App:
68 Knowledge Base App:
Sitemanager App:
QuickSnaps Gall App: