Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun with SAPI

Following vb script pronounces what you write- I tried on my win7 box and I thought it's fun to get started with SAPI. Write the code on Notepad and save the file with extension .vbs.

Then clicking the vb script file will show you the following window - write what you want to listen on the text box and press ok, did you hear that ? :P

I have some more idea based on it; do you ? Will share once I can create some more fun with it :)

Resources for Face Detection

I always had some interest in working with faces :B - yeah face detection and recognition. following is a list I have found once on the internet; thought might be helpful for me someday when I'll get some time to work with seriously :S.
Face detection (or more generally Image Matching resources):
Facedectection in C# with less than 50 LoC
Face Detection in (pure) C#
Easy to use Wrapper (DLL) for Intel’s OpenCV Library with Examples
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) for C#
Emgu CV
SharperCV Project
[C#] OpenCV
Webcam in C#: with OpenCVDotNet
OpenCV / SURF How to generate a image hash / fingerprint / signature out of the descriptors?
Face Detection and Identification
Phase Correlation in OpenCV

A proprietary tool but had a lot of fun with the following tool:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free hosting and services for Node.js

If you wanna start playing with Node.js the best way I think is burning a box with Ubuntu or CentOS and start with installing and creating simple hello world  servers. But if the box is instantly not available to you and you are dieing of testing (!! or tasting !!) this incredible technology (it is already being called the future of web !!) then there are some good folks who have come up with the solutions where you can experiment with your thirst for Node.js.
As I always try to check how it works first - instead
of starting from the root of it - I was looking for free
hosting that comes up with Node.js already built in and easy-to-utilize. Here I am going to share the list of them and my experience and/or what others think of them :
  • Nodester : Fair enough. Just registered will update the review soon. Ref link :
  • Nodejitsu. :(Seems the folks are fond of Martial Arts :P ) Still not open for public. Request only. I have requested for a Coupon- don get the response yet- but seems good enough. Ref link :
  • Joyent Node: I kinda like there url : Just requested for a coupon and waiting for the response. will update with my experience soon.