Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clouds in the net

I'm always a web addict and the thing that amaze me these days is the clouds in the net. So, I thought why don I list all of the clouds that I went through and think pretty interesting :)
You can have a look at them. Happy clouding :

Skydrive: 25GB[started with 5GB !!] of free file storage and sharing cloud service brought by microsoft live.
Live Mesh: Brought by microsoft live for synching files and folders from your your devices and making them available over one another plus over an webdesktop.
eyeOS: Opensource Cloud desktop. The first cloud that I got amazed of the one that inspired me in next generation web application development.
Google Docs:Document sharing cloud on the net that use to store and share and collaboration on creating a document.
gOS: Connecting all the open services online on a thin client over a light weight linux OS. I guess the same approach is being adopted by Google OS.
CloudDB: As the name says it is a cloud for databases. And the service is free - at least to some extent

[To be continuted...]