Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iGoogle like interface using CodeIgniter and jQuery

iGoogle-like Interface

I was asked to develop an interface that would look like iGoogle webtop. And as always do I instantly started googling and this post is the result of what I got and what I lastly went for.
I googled and I got some solutions already there :
  1. Picok : Which I got hectic to configure and modify [as I was in hurry I din check it very well thought but I think it has some potential]
  2. jPolite : I loved this solution but thought might be little tricky to implement the back end.I strongly suggest if you have some time please look at this solution.
But finally I actually decided to go with a simpler solution starting from an interface developed utilizing jQuery and creating a Codeigniter back end for it.
How to create the UI, you will get the complete article from net.tuts+  . However, to get the Codeigniter version you can download it from the following location. I am telling you the implementation is not a rocket science so far, but I have a plan to extend it and may be will create a complete opensource project some day.
Till then wait or Download and start one by yourself :)
Please comment some other opensource reference if you got any.