Thursday, June 23, 2011

Resources for Face Detection

I always had some interest in working with faces :B - yeah face detection and recognition. following is a list I have found once on the internet; thought might be helpful for me someday when I'll get some time to work with seriously :S.
Face detection (or more generally Image Matching resources):
Facedectection in C# with less than 50 LoC
Face Detection in (pure) C#
Easy to use Wrapper (DLL) for Intel’s OpenCV Library with Examples
OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) for C#
Emgu CV
SharperCV Project
[C#] OpenCV
Webcam in C#: with OpenCVDotNet
OpenCV / SURF How to generate a image hash / fingerprint / signature out of the descriptors?
Face Detection and Identification
Phase Correlation in OpenCV

A proprietary tool but had a lot of fun with the following tool: