Saturday, July 2, 2011

Node.js : Simple push from server to browser

Here you go a test that a tasted while playing with Nodejs.I must say that it is a great fun playing with Nodejs.I always love to create real time environment for the web. Here is a little example of it. With this piece of code you'll be able to monitor any changes in a file in real time directly from your browser. Nothing too efficient but still a very good start. 

My flavor : On this video you will see Pedro is using a log file. Instead, I used a simple text file and updated the file manually.

Issue I faced : Din work for me on google chrome but was good on firefox. After investigation here seems a little convincing reason :

For getting started with  Node.js,  You'll get a complete set of video tutorials at the following location : [the video I have shared here is the second episode from the series]

Happy Techifying the world :)    
Update: just got another example of similar push server ; utilizing