Sunday, February 26, 2012

jQuery Datatables plugin and Codeigniter

Just got an work around for the jQuery datatables wrapper [IgnitedDatatables] and made it working on a project to load huge data. As I din get any neat info I had to dig little deep both into datatables plugin and the wrapper and finally made a work around for me. Here in this post I am basically sharing my experience along with keeping records of what and how I did :)
The js I am using on the view to create the datatable and load using ajax is as follow [don try to run on jsFiddle 'cz it has lots of garbage- will clean it up :| ] :

Code on the controller:

And finally the model:

I will write in details on it - how I actually worked on later on this post.
  1. For the callback function for the wrapper to work you need to create a helper file where you need to put all the callback functions.
  2. As the wrapper somewhat works as the model should work I have called and made use of it in my model class.
  1. jQuery Datatables plugin api
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  4. Example usage code for the IgnitedDatatables library [independent of Codeigniter]
  5. Sample MySql Database [Sakila :)]