Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Open source framework for responsive UI

Its not worth to develop your UI for your PC browser and then again for your Mobile devices and then again for Tabs. What we need is grab a Responsive UI Framework to get going - you develop for your PC and rest are taken care of.
Here I am listing all the responsive UI frameworks that I thought I might check.
  • Twitter Bootstrap: I kinda liked and it seems many are rushing to use it as the original developers are from Twitter. But the thing is I felt couple of things are still missing (at least until I am writing this post); Like I was expecting a file input control. However, I got managed the file input control from another source. You can check it here
  • Kickstrap: Its a fork of Twitter Bootstrap plus themes, enhancements, and other goodies.Worth checking.
  • Zurb Foundation: Yet to check. But seems its quite promising.
  • Gumby Framework: Seems quite up to date for getting started instantly.Including psd seems makes it more options in design. 
  • Kendo UI Its a complete UI framework including almost all the elements/ controls needed to get start.
  • Skeleton: I think its the first of the kind - to me it is not that appealing - din dig deep though ;)