Thursday, May 21, 2015

WCF vs Asp.Net Web API

When I first learnt about Web API, I got confused - as I was always doing the RESTful services using the WCF - why then another way to accomplish the same thing ?

  • Back-end Services
  • SOAP, WS-*
  • Transporst: HTTP, UDP, TCP, QUEUES, Custom
  • Message Patterns: request-response, one-way, duplex
  • Use WCF Web HTTP to add HTTP endpoints to existing WCF Services
  • Use WCF Data Services for full OData support
  • Front-end Services
  • Media Type: JSON, XML, form-URL-encoded, Custom
  • Request-reply only
  • REST, resource centric
  • Use SignalR for asynchronous signaling (polling, long-polling, WebSockets)

For further reference: